Water repellent coating for fabric surface

The ultimate version of Uni-Absorbent and formulated by the newest nanotechnology. Uni-Absorbent+ modifies the surface structure by penetrating deep into the tiny pores and bond with them. The modified surface becomes water and liquid repellent while remains breathable, original texture, and natural finishing. The “+” version is the symbol of better strength in comparison to its original version and leads to better surface tension, durability, and abrasion resistant.


Extreme Durable
The enhanced version of formula offers finest bonding between the raw material and fabric; TEVO managed to increase the abrasion resistant tremendously and therefore double-fold the lifespan from 12 months to 24 months. It can resist even the most high traffic spot such as car seat and cushion at living room.
Better Surface Tension
You will be surprised from the water beading of Uni-Absorbent+ If you think the water beading contact angle from normal Uni-Absorbent is high. Moreover, TEVO modifies the fabric material, maximises the surface tension, and increase water repellence ability to the peak level. Thus, it provides a better protection barrier and resist against liquid with ease.
Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Highly recommended to clean the fabric by using G-Activ UniClean before the application of Uni-Absorbent+. Secondly, let the coated surface to cure for at least 24 hours before any water contact.