G-Activ SafeVision

A two in one, clean and coat solution for all glass surfaces.

It restores mild blur-ish windscreen, lays a layer of coating on top at the same time, provides superior hydrophobic and, beading effect. The water beads start to flow even in low driving speed, offers clear eyes vision, and ensure a safe journey.


Protection for beloved ones
Driving under blur-ish and dirty windscreen during heavy rain is more likely to cause accidents than a high visibility windscreen. One layer of G-Activ SafeVision ensures the highest visibility of windscreen during the pouring rain and offers the safest journey for you and your family members. Rainwater becomes water beading upon contact with coated surface, rolls down from the surface, and does not impair the vision of the driver.
No Wiper Jerking
One of the most common issue for coated windscreen is wiper jerking and it’s a known problem for previous generation of windscreen hydrophobic coating. We are confident that G-Activ SafeVision will not cause wiper jerking problem as the in-house chemist used newer generation of active ingredient and technology to produce the solution.
Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Clean the windscreen or glass surface by using G-Activ UniClean prior to the application. Better performance can be achieved if user adds 1 minute of waiting time before buff off the coating. Lastly, the coating is stackable, can be applied for multiple layers, and provide better durability than single layer.