TEVO Application Sponge

TEVO sponge is designed to fit perfectly in your hand and apply coatings to the surface of your vehicle without streaking or leaving unwanted build-up behind! Promote even, consistent coating application with reduced chances of high-spotting. The thin layer of the sponge prevents over suction of coating chemicals and provides a soft and durable gesture for you to perfectly coat every single time.


TEVO Microfibre G-Cloth are specialized designed for both automotive usages, where quality & efficacy is the key. TEVO G-Cloth is suitable for car cleaning and will not shrink when washed as they are. Can be used on various surfaces such as car care, stainless steel, chrome, painted surfaces, plastics, glass, mirrors. It also comes with a bright colour you can avoid cross-contamination when necessary!


A premium double-sided glove that is made of ultra-fine fibers is washable also safe on paint, swirl-free, and other delicate surfaces. Great helper for cleaning, waxing, dusting, and polishing vehicles due to the high-quality material and high density with dual-sided design, which provides super absorbency for dust, dirt, oil, or other liquid. Simply throw them into the washing machine, and they come out like new.

TEVO Detailer Shirt

TEVO Detailer Shirt is made with soft and lightweight polyester to keep you comfortable all day. Detailed with a zip puller at the center front, this shirt also features a logo patch on the sleeve for signature style. Made from 100% polyester and can be styled with your favorites types of denim for the ultimate casual look.

Hydrophobic Demo Kit

A great tool to help you display the hydrophobicity of the coating to your customer. With adjustable water current, stylish led lighting, and a solid case to put your bonnet. A must-have tool for exhibition.


This Professional TEVO hat is a must-have for hat everyone who wants to look great while do detailing works The cap can be adjusted in any size to match the head of the wearer perfectly and provide excellent comfort. Designed with bright days in mind, the soft fabric protects help from the sun’s rays and looks cool!

TEVO Apron

Wearing TEVO Apron while you compound, polish or wax your vehicle ensures your clothing stays clean and more importantly, your paint stays scratch-free. This stylish apron, designed with TEVO logo at front and pouches providing room for masking tape, microfibre cloth, and more! The customizable back strap allows people of all sizes to wear this apron comfortably.

Mini Bonnet

A mini bonnet that is designed with vacant, lightweight, and specifically for demonstration coating effect are shown in the best way possible. A great way to display your artwork and demonstrate performance to the customer to get a better impression of how the coating looks. Just coat it, test, and show the result to your customers!