G-Activ Uni-Absorbent

Nanotechnology innovated formulation that helps to protect fabric and any absorptive materials from liquid and stain. The invisible coating will never alter surface colour, texture, and appearance at all. In addition of that, TEVO material will not seal up the fabric surface thence the material remains “breathable” even after coated.


Natural Finishing
The uniqueness of G-Activ Uni-Absorbent is the deep penetration into all the micro-pores of the material and bond with it; at the time, the active ingredient provides the most natural finishing and without changing the appearance at all. Thence, the durability outperforms conventional type fabric coating which the formula seals up the surface and the coating can be easily damaged by abrasion.
Easy Application
Uni-Absorbent has the easiest application method among all the G-Activ products line-up. Simple spray application method and leave the surface to dry are all what you need to do. Amazing hydrophobic result can be seen after the surface is dried.
Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

The surface must be completely dry prior to the application for the active ingredient to bond well with micro-pores, achieve the best performance, and greater longevity. Strictly no water contact within the first 24 hours after the surface is coated as the active ingredient needs one day to cure.