G-Activ Glass Degreaser

The pH neutral formula breaks down incurable scales, mild stains, grease easily; the product is best to use as bi-weekly or monthly deep cleaning agent for car windscreen, house window, and shower screen. It can be done easily by using fine sponge or polishing machine.


Weekly Glass Cleaner
The lite version of glass cleaner is invented for weekly use purposes, it helps car owners to remove the grease and stain before it starts to accumulate and become a stubborn spot. The solution is the perfect cleaner for a brand-new car if owners wish to do deep cleaning for the glass surface as it has a higher cleaning capability than a normal car shampoo.
Safe for Plastic & Rubber
The pH neutral formula ensures no damage will be done to the rubber and plastic part on the car body; as these materials can be easily damaged by acidic based cleaner and it’s a known issue in car care industry.
Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

The concept of G-Activ Glass Degreaser is similar to Watermark Remover by having micro powder in the solution; therefore, car owners should not attempt to remove the watermark on the car body by using it.