TEVO GlassGard is specifically formulated to benefit the car owner in numerous ways. It enhances the glass surface by providing hydrophobic properties to it and increase the visibility during heavy rain. With that, the result of maximum water spot reduction can be achieved as water bead rolls down upon contact with enhanced glass surface.


Improved Visibility, Improved Safety
Enhanced the surface with hydrophobic effect to provide the necessary visibility for driver during the heavy rain; water droplets roll down immediately upon contact with coated surface and driver able to see the road ahead. Thus, it offers better safety for you and your beloved ones during the journey.
Ultra-Smooth Surface & Easy Cleaning
Dirt cannot be accumulated on the coated surface due to ultra-smooth finishing from GlassGard and can be rinsed off easily by using water. Water beads whenever contact with coated surface, rolls down from the surface while “washing” away all the dirt.
Advice from TEVO Master Trainer

Degrease and remove water mark from the glass surface by using TEVO Watermark Remover prior to the coating to ensure the surface is at cleanest condition. A clean surface leads to better bonding and thus a better durability too.